Pickers Circle

Second, Fourth and Fifth Wednesdays – 7 pm.

Sign up to get the Zoom link and be put on the mailing list. Folks who wish to play should know something about Zoom:

Blues Again Wednesday Aug 24

Pickers Circle on Youtube

Past Circles:

Open Circle Wednesday Aug 10

Open Circle Wednesday May 11 – 7 pm.

Apr 27 Unplugged

Apr 13 Three Chords — Now what?

Mar 30 Open Circle

23 Mar. The Emerald Isle – More Irish tunes.

9 Mar Open Circle

23 FebBelated Valentine

Feb 9Stick it to the Man. — Protest Songs. Convoy 2022 chords and lyrics.

Freedom Convoy Canada The Official Website of the Canadian Convoy

Jan 29 – Something Blue

12 January 2022 Open Circle – Start the new Year with a Song. Any song will do.

Circles of 2021 – Good circles in Covid Times.

Circles of 2020 – Where we started

One thought on “Pickers Circle”

  1. Are you strictly into guitar and similar instruments? I am interested in meeting musicians who also live in the area. I am a classically trained pianist who dabbles in other genres like jazz standards.


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