This page will become a compendium of information related to the use of Jamulus to support synchronized singing and playing for pickers.


The overall design of the system.

Current state.

Jamulus works but is a bit of a problem to install. Zoom is dirt simple but has terrible audio.


My objective is to share Jamulus sound with a Zoom meeting. This would allow Jamulus performers to present their harmony to listeners at Zoom Song Circle and serve as incentive for more folks to try Jamulus.

Options considered:
  1. Run both Zoom and Jamulus on a capable machine and share the Jamulus audio with the Zoom meeting. This appears to be ideal if it can be made to work but it is both expensive and technically complex.
  2. Run Zoom on a desktop and Jamulus on another computer. This may be an easier approach than option 1 since the audio interface problems do not need to be sorted out internally.
  3. Run Jamulus alone on Raspberry PI. This may enable a simple out of the box solution for non-technical folks who have seen the demo and want to get on board.

Jan 16 — Notes: Option one appears to require additional software. Jamulus and Zoom both want channels 1 &2. Some additional audio routing appears to be required. The Focusrite Audio interface includes a license for a couple of DAWs that may do the job.  We also discussed just recording a Jamulus session as a proof of concept and presenting that to the Zoom crowd.  I’ll stick with option 1 until I get more experience with the PI.

Jan 17 — Steve Deering reports that Jamulus runs well on his Mac. I am hopeful that he will be able to support option 1. Options 2 and 3 appear not to be feasible at this time. Option 2 seems to work with a wired interface to Zoom on a laptop but I need to verify the sound quality is adequate for a demo.

Jackrouter is a low level complex tool for routing audio in Windows. If this works it would allow us to support the bridge in both Windows and Mac. Interfaces built on the jack software look more likely.

Jan 18 current direction is to review the options for the DAWs that ship with the 4i4 audio interface.

Jan 31. We have tested option one on a Mac and it appears to be viable. I hope to have a demo available soon.


Jamulus ‒ Play music online. With friends. For free. — Official Website

Getting Started – Jamulus Wiki — Excellent Introduction .

Tips, Tricks and More – Jamulus Wiki — Including routing to Zoom. Not tested by me at this time but appears plausible.

Install (35) Jamulus: Install and Setup – YouTube Good video. Covers the installation difficulties that many will encounter. Suitable for the determined amateur.

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