Pickers Politics

I don’t spend time on things that don’t matter – to me. If you want to know what I think about what does matter follow any of the links on this page. I maintain these pages because writing requires thinking and committing thoughts to paper on a regular basis is exercise for the intellect.

Music is my chosen task. Maintaining memory and coordination by learning an instrument is an important part of growing older. Audio and video production is another interesting and useful activity. Helping others is an important part of the mastery of any skill. I don’t feel that I understand anything important unless I can explain it to others; so there is always time to help.

At the pickers circle we sing what we please and everyone is welcome to sing what they please. The pickers circle is not a safe space, it is a musical space. Questions and comments are welcome. Agreement is unnecessary. The only way to learn anything of importance is to reflect on your mistakes.

I try to avoid discussion of politics and religion at the dinner table because these discussions disrupt what should be pleasant occasions. I feel the same about musical gatherings – unless you have a song. A good song tells people what you really think and a song is at least as hard to write as an essay. So, for those who are interested, here are my thoughts on topics of the day:

When I appear at public functions I respect the rules. If I can’t bear the rules, I leave. I try not to attend events that require masks. It’s hard to breath thru a mask and even more difficult to sing. Zoom will have to do.

Vaccinations appear to have some value for geezers such as me. I have an up to date BC passport. That means I can join the family in a restaurant and the folks from Brock House in their tent.

These are the issues of the day. The are close to home. They affect me every day.

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