Sonobus is easy to install and had very good documentation but no Video. The May 13 pickers circle had a discussion and demonstration of Sonobus which I’ll come back and clean up if I have time.

Install is not a problem.  Unlike Jamulus there are no scary warnings to override.     The  problems are with the prerequisites. 

  1.  You need a wired internet connection.
  2. You must use wired headphones.
  3. You probably need an USB microphone.   I have a Blue – Yetti that works well.  An audio interface is a more expensive alternative. 
  4.  You have to install ASIO4ALL which is a driver for windows sound resources.  

Items 1,2,3 are all  good investment for Zoom sessions.  Item 4 makes it possible to link Zoom and Sonobus. The audio interface I use on another computer is the Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 with a condenser mic. The interface lets me plug in my electric guitar and have voice on one channel and guitar on another. Two channel output is not necessary for good results with Sonobus.

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