Open Circle – Wednesday Aug 10

It’s been a long summer and much of it we spent away from home.   I re-learned a few old songs in Ireland and I confess to taking my time about recording new material for the channel.

I have just uploaded a couple of songs that I’ve been playing lately.  They are here

Some changes to the format of the circle are in order:

1.  I will no longer record the entire circle.   Recordings will be made only by request.  That means if you want to see how you look on Zoom please request permission to record.   I’ll record or give you permission for your turn only.  This change will save me a lot of work producing video but it will make it more difficult for watchers to time shift the session so feel free to just join the Zoom session.   Beginners and listeners are always welcome.

2.  Here is the Zoom link.   Wed Aug 10 7pm.
Meeting ID: 862 1990 1564
Passcode: 521218

3.  I’m still interested in producing videos so let me know if you have an idea that I could pursue.

4.  I am going to spend some time recording my upcoming presentation for  the VFSS retreat.  I’ll post those videos in the workshop playlist.

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