Playing online Together

This page will become a compendium of information related to the use of the internet to support synchronized singing and playing for pickers.


The overall design of the system.

From the top down each of these items involve choices that determine the end result. This page is an overview. Most people will start with Zoom and be looking for something better. Sonobus on Windows 10 is my current preference but Macintosh users have other alternatives.

  • Application to connect Musicians to each other — Sonobus – Jamulus – Zoom
  • DAW to manage individual connections ie volume, panning, effects. —
    • Audacity — Abelton Live — Band Camp — Pro Tools
  • ***********************************************************
  • Audio Toolkit that works in your operating environment — JACK.ORG.
  • Operating Environment — Macintosh – Windows – Android
  • Network connectivity — UDP not TCP which is too slow
  • Physical connection — wired not radio
Minimum Requirements.
  • Wired connection to internet. Category 5 cable to your router.
  • Wired headphones. Blue tooth adds latency.
  • USB microphone. Blue Yetti mics work well.
  • Ability to install software on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
Current state.
  • Sonobus is easy to install and has very good documentation but no Video.
  • Jamulus works but is a bit of a problem to install. No video support.
  • Zoom is dirt simple video but has terrible audio for performing together.
  • Jack Trip is a technical challenge but may give the best result.
  1. Share sound with a Zoom meeting. This would allow Jamulus or Sonobus performers to present their harmony to listeners at Zoom Song Circle and serve as incentive for more folks to try the online tools. Video is not necessary for online collaboration but is very helpful in convincing others to use these tools.
  2. Support the collaboration of musicians at events such as Music on Main, VOSC, and PBOMS.

John Lyon has demonstrated that Jack Trip is a working solution with a Mac and using Black Hole audio software to route the audio into the Zoom meeting. The only problems are that the performers cannot hear the applause from the remainder of the meeting and Jack Trip requires some linux system admin skills to manage the installation and operation. Here is a link to his comprehensive documentation for the Mac and here is a downloadable version of the same document.

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