Ballad of Edward Snowden

Capo V  Dm -   b = 90
Am                                    C                G
Come gather all around me friends I'm glad to find you well
Am                                  G
Sit right down beside me here -- a story I will tell
Am                               C           G
Tis about one Edward Snowden a patriot of note
      Am                        Am    E      Am
Who hacked  away the N.S.A. and got Obama's goat

Our  Eddie was a sys admin;  a job that pays you well
Am                                     G
But he couldn't stand the spying and he couldn't stand the smell
Am                                     C                    G
Of a hundred million e-mails - that would make the Stasi proud
Am                                       Am      E     Am
As they vacuum up the contents of the systems in the cloud

Am                                  C              G 
So one day Eddie writes a note to a fellow name of Glen 
Am                                 G
Glen Grenwald at the Intercept; a fellow with a pen
Am                                 C               G
I have a tale says Eddie that will put you on the floor
    Am                                  Am      E      Am
But first you need to a secret way to speak to Citizen Four

We need to use encryption , we need pretty good privacy 
Am                                      G
To keep our secrets out of sight of the spying agency
Am                                  C                 G    
We’re gonna need a password when we put things in the mail
Am                                             E       G
And we need a damn good password to be staying out of jail

Now Glen was just a newby, hardly heard of P.G.P.
But he had a friend in Laura who already had a key
Together they got started with a system known as TAILS
They conjured up a master key; we hope it never fails
The files are at the Intercept-go read ‘em if you dare
The movie got an Oscar but nobody seems to care
A hundred million phone calls; that would make the Stazi proud
As they vacuum up the contents of the systems in the cloud

    Am                               C              G      
It's better than a year now since Ed left his cushy post
Am                             G
And flitted off to Moscow with Putin for a host
Am                          C            G
So now he's living quietly a guru of the net
    Am                                     Am  E      Am
Who better knows the secrets that can make old Biden  sweat

Go look at those secret files; you scarce believe your eyes
Am                                G
A hundred million secrets here -- a hundred million lies
Am                                C                   G
Both Microsoft and Yahoo helping spooks read all the mail
Am                                            E       Am
And Clapper lies to Congress -- but he never goes to jail

Am                                C                  G
I'm just an old curmudgeon and  I never thought I'd see
Am                              G
A good man has to hide away in Moscow to be free
Am                              C                           G
A hundred million phone calls; that would make the Stasi proud
       Am                                        E      Am
As they vacuumed up the contents of the systems in the cloud

It's all to make us safer –sure Its all to keep us free
Am                                      G
That's why they read the e-mails of the likes of you and me
Am                                     C                G
A hundred million e-mails - that would make the Stasi proud
Am                                              E       Am
As they vacuumed up the contents of the systems in the cloud

Data Analysis in 5 min

W5 Who? What? When? Where? Why?

What is the story? What is the evidence? What are the models?

There was a Covid 19 outbreak in Canada in 2020 that began in March, killed 9100 people and was over by Aug 5. The second wave began in September and was mostly done by march 29,2021. It killed an additional 13,840 for an accumulated total of 22940. The third wave peaked on May 9th at 24683 with an additional 1740 people dead. The most recent outbreak peaked Oct, 13 2021 with a cumulative total of 29258 and 4575 dead in the last wave.

Covid19 Canada
Covid 19 Canada

This is the data I look at when I need to ‘fact check’ God’s IT department or Dr. Facuci himself. This website, at the University of Washington, has a user interface designed to allow anyone with an internet connection to view and compare data for an endless number of scenarios.

If you want to look at Social Distancing, or Mask Use, or Vaccinations for a province or almost any country in the world the data is just a click away. Suppose we want to compare Canada to British Columbia.

Notice that I have selected per 100k to make a fair comparison between the country and a province. I have removed the smoothing so that you can observe the variance in the data. I’m using reported data not a model. So what’s the story? I’d say we started out in better shape than most of Canada but soon caught up and now we are not any better off than average, for Canada.

Last Data Nov 3, 2021

And finally you might notice that the reported deaths per 100,000 Canadians are very very low and each wave appears to be less lethal than the previous. May be time to boot Dr. Fauci?

If you read this far and need a movie . . .

10 Nov — Remembrance

I’m not a pacifist. People have a right to self defense. Still, the idea that we have to fight them over there so they won’t come and kill us over here is a bit much for me to swallow. My contribution to remembrance is more likely to be Girl from the Hiring Fair than Johnny comes marching home.

Canada has had two wars that I might have fought. One was the war of 1812. Cue up Stan Rogers’ Billy Green the Scout or the Arrogant Worms’ 1812. We were on the winning side of that one. The Chilcotin War(1854) was more of a draw. We don’t have a song that I know of but we have a Supreme court ruling that has established aboriginal sovereignty in the region and an apology from Justin for trespasses.

Jun 23 – Live long and Prosper

. . . translated from the Yiddish by Leonard Nimoy.

7pm. Sing songs that last. Sing the old songs.

This morning I woke up and decided to try and become a blogger. Actually that is what I do every other week. I create a theme for the Pickers Circle to try and guide our efforts to make some music. So this week the focus is on songs that we hope will last. And I will try and add a few paragraphs to this blog every week.

Why Blog? Because that requires the discipline of recorded thought. A long life and prosperity are the result of thought and effort. Putting thought into written form is the traditional way to prove you can think or to discover what you really think. As we get older physical and mental tasks become more difficult and it seems to me that attention to both is important to a longer life. It also seems to me that a blog is better than a rant and may save a lot of tedious introduction to simple songs.

People occasionally remark that, “live long and prosper”, is easy to say yet hard to accomplish. Some say you have to be lucky or talented. The yoga guru B.K.S. Iyengar wrote in Light on Yoga, that all that is required to become enlightened is a folded blanket and some persistence. Yoga asanas are prayers for flexibility, strength and balance. For the persistent these prayers are answered. Much the same can be said of playing a guitar. All you really need is an instrument and some persistence. Everything else is sacrifice and sweat.

So as I turn 75 this month I will attempt to record some thoughts each week that I hope will help me to become a little better at everything I do for as long as I can manage to stay focused. You are not dead until you quit moving.