Multi Track Video

The video edit on this clip is pretty good. I suspect they are using ProTools which is pretty expensive and they are pros.   

We can achieve the same effect as follows:

  1. Create a click track on an mp3 file.    Sound recorder and a metronome will serve.
  2. Each musician records the song using whatever they have to create an mp4.   A smart phone on a tripod works pretty well.  Count the start in 1 2 3 4 to sync the tracks.  We cut this out of the final production.
  3. We pick the most likely version and each listen to it while re-recording our own part.
  4. The tracks are mixed into a video using LightWorks or ShotCut.  
  5. We could post the individual .mp4s on  so we don’t need to email huge video files.

 The mix is the big job I think I can do it in a day or so.   I’ve created a demo with SHOTCUT, just me playing two videos rhythm and lead side by side.  When you see it remember I don’t play all that well but the video and sound quality is pretty good.   The video shows the process for creating the combined track which is the last part of the presentation.   Two tracks are harder than one but three or four will not be that much more difficult.

Multi Track Video Demo

Video Editing

Video editing is a pretty big topic.  I made a video a few years with LightWorks which was a real bear to operate.   Microsoft Movie is no longer easily available on windows 10 so  I searched WordPress and someone recommended  SHOTCUT.   

Here is a good example of what I have done so far —

Shotcut enables you to assemble images and clips or parts of clips onto a timeline just like LightWorks  and MS Movie but the user interface is much easier to mange.   The timeline contains both audio and video tracks from videos in your playlist. 

You can easily create transitions between shots and remove all of the audio from the clips you load and replace it with custom sound if you are so inclined.   You can create and manage Titles and text overlays that follow parts of your movie.   

I’m still learning to use SHOTCUT but if anyone wants to create  a video from some smart phone footage I’ll give it a try. I use AUDACITY,  as a digital audio workstation.   It lets me create multi track audio and mix tracks down to stereo for publication or to use as a studio audio track with a video.

Both AUDACITY and SHOTCUT are open source and cost only time to download and install.