11 Aug – Jazz standards for Beginners

I’ll start out by saying that jazz beginners are usually pretty good blues players. We have a few of those at the circle but nobody needs to stay on this list. As usual play what you like, just show up to play.

Here are 25 Jazz standards from the teachings of Aimee Nolte. If she played guitar she would be perfect but alas no one is perfect. These are ranked by difficulty for pianists from easy to more difficult. I’ll try to work down the list by linking to examples of performances and tutorials. As I learn new tunes I’ll link to my own renditions.

If anyone has a list that is specific to guitar players please let me know in the comments.

There is also a lot of Sandra Sherman here. She is a terrific teacher for beginning jazz guitar.

The 12 Bar Blues

A A A A       1  2  3  4      1 1 1 1       
D D A A       5  6  7  8      4 4 1 1       
E D A E       9 10 11 12      5 4 1 5      

Each symbol in the chart above is a whole bar of music. You
may count it One two three four, Two two three four … Twelve two three four.

The first block is the chord to play, the second block is the
bar number and the third block is the Nashville Number of the chord. You may use block three to play in some other key.

The fourth block is a mnemonic that may help you remember
block three.

You can play along by just looking at the first block

Ballad of Edward Snowden

Snowden   Introduction

In 2014 the Documentary Movie Citizen Four won an Oscar for best documentary.

In January 2013,documentary film maker Laura Poitras started receiving anonymous encrypted e-mails from “CITIZENFOUR,” who claimed to have evidence of illegal surveillance programs run by the NSA. Five months later, she and reporter Glenn Grenwald flew to Hong Kong to meet the man who turned out to be Edward Snowden.

The STAZI were the East German Secret Police.

The Intercept is an online news publication dedicated to “adversarial journalism”.

The Amnesic Incognito Live System,TAILS, is a secure version of LINUX that along with TOR and PGP can enable private secure communication.

References to an hundred million in the song are vastly understated but I couldn’t make realistic numbers scan or rhyme.

another take