Thoughts on Current Events


The idiocracy has attacked Dr. Bonnie Henry for remarks about hand washing. Hand washing has a long and respectable track record unlike masks and Dr. Henry has been the voice of reason in British Columbia these past years. While I sometimes think she has gone too far with the restrictions she has the expertise and the responsibility for the public health. I continue to respect and support her efforts.

Many of our local music scenes are now open and unmasked. These include the Brock Music circle, St Clements Church in North Vancouver, and events at the ANZA Club. It is to be hoped that the people who make policy at Music off Main and the VFSS will realize that more and more folks have had enough already. This is a tough job but I think they are up to it.


The war is not going well. For a unique Canadian perspective you can follow the exploits of Wali and Shadow.

From the CBC we have shadows war.

Wali was a very accomplished member of the Royal 22nd Regiment, the Van Doos. When I was training at Camp Wainwright, Alberta, Sgt. Haskins our DI made a point of telling young recruits be very careful around these gentlemen. They are very good at what they do. What they do according to Sgt Haskins is “Kill the enemy and destroy his stuff”. That is the job of a soldier and the Van Doos, Wali and Shadow, are some of our best.

I’ve been following these events since February because we finally going on our European tour. Needless to say we are not planning to travel anywhere near to the Ukraine.

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