An Introduction to Video Editing

  1. Use your phone or camera to create a 5 min video.
  2. Down load and install ShotCut — free open source editing software
  3. Learn to use the Playlist and the Player to make clips which are short portions of your input video. Arrange the clips in the Playlist.
  4. Learn to export one or more clips. This allows you to pick and choose what is in your final product.
  5. Learn how to make a Title clip and if desired a credits clip.
  6. Learn to EXPORT your final product. Start by just exporting the whole Playlist.
  7. The TIMELINE is for detailed edits, one frame at a time and for fancy effects. Ignore it for now.

Most video editors work on the principle of a story board or a playlist which is used to accumulate short clips which will be assembled on a Timeline into the final product. With Shotcut you can ignore the Timeline until you are comfortable with the process of selecting and trimming clips.

Editing large files, say 30 minutes, or very large files, over 2 hours, is an interesting challenge that can be solved with Shotcut by cutting the original large file into clips in the playlist and editing each clip as a separate project. For pickers circle edits I make each round a separate file then combine them into a final exported video once the edits are done. This keeps memory and CPU resources to a manageable size.

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