Data Analysis in 5 min

W5 Who? What? When? Where? Why?

What is the story? What is the evidence? What are the models?

There was a Covid 19 outbreak in Canada in 2020 that began in March, killed 9100 people and was over by Aug 5. The second wave began in September and was mostly done by march 29,2021. It killed an additional 13,840 for an accumulated total of 22940. The third wave peaked on May 9th at 24683 with an additional 1740 people dead. The most recent outbreak peaked Oct, 13 2021 with a cumulative total of 29258 and 4575 dead in the last wave.

Covid19 Canada
Covid 19 Canada

This is the data I look at when I need to ‘fact check’ God’s IT department or Dr. Facuci himself. This website, at the University of Washington, has a user interface designed to allow anyone with an internet connection to view and compare data for an endless number of scenarios.

If you want to look at Social Distancing, or Mask Use, or Vaccinations for a province or almost any country in the world the data is just a click away. Suppose we want to compare Canada to British Columbia.

Notice that I have selected per 100k to make a fair comparison between the country and a province. I have removed the smoothing so that you can observe the variance in the data. I’m using reported data not a model. So what’s the story? I’d say we started out in better shape than most of Canada but soon caught up and now we are not any better off than average, for Canada.

Last Data Nov 3, 2021

And finally you might notice that the reported deaths per 100,000 Canadians are very very low and each wave appears to be less lethal than the previous. May be time to boot Dr. Fauci?

If you read this far and need a movie . . .

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