May 26 – Bob Dylan

Well here I am late again for those of you hoping for an early theme at the Wednesday circle.   Were here to make music and so far that has worked out pretty well.  Anyway it is Bob Dylan’s birthday this week so for those who have not made up their mind that gives you at least 500 songs to choose from.  Hope to see you Wednesday.
Here are the highlights of the session:

As you know I have been recording most of what I hear in Zoom sessions and I frequently attempt to play along – muted, uninvited, so  pretty much harmless, nobody has to know what I’m playing.   Now with Sonobus we can record the output of a Zoom session AND my playing along apparently in sync.   This means that my setup of Zoom and Sonobus is sufficient to support vocal harmony and small groups playing instruments.  I’ll keep everyone up to day on my progress and I hope to manage a decent comp that I can playback for the circle. 

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