Double tracks and overdubs

People who have an interest in performing guitar music should know about the phenomenon called double tracking. This is simply the re-recording of a passage on another track of the composite production. The original and the second cut become the left and right channel of a stereo recording.

Our recent effort at the blues gave us a great set of highlights that we can all either double track or overdub. The blues is a perfect medium for improvisation using the recording of another artist. Your challenge is to listen to the recording from last circle and when it is your turn either:

1. Lay down a track for others to work on.

2 Double track the passage. That is try to reproduce it perfectly. This may only be possible for your own work.

3. Improvise a lead line or additional accompaniment over the track you are hearing.

We are recording the entire session so this will give me the material I need to produce the appearance of pickers playing with pickers. Hope you have fun.

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